What it takes to be an escort

Male sex workers have revealed exactly what it’s like to do their job. Taking to Reddit, men who work in the sex industry have discussed the reasons for taking on…

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Pre-Ejaculation: 5 Things Every Woman Needs To Know

You know the important details about male ejaculate: the average ejaculation can contain hundreds of millions of sperm, those little sperm are what fertilizes an egg to create a pregnancy,…

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Beautiful! Louisiana’s Longest Married Couple Shares The Secret To Their Marital Success

When it comes to love that stands the test of time, Varrie and Lawrence Player are a prime example of what that is. On January 27, the beautiful couple celebrated…

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50-Year-Old Woman Weds For The First Time In Port Harcourt

You know how they say “better late than never” yeah? Well, that’s the case of this 50-year-old Port Harcourt based woman who got married for the first time to her…

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