IT Staff Found Searches for Well-Endowed Black Men on WH Staff’s Computer

The Business Standard News has received another leak from White House insider “Orange Throat.”

He said he had talked to some of the IT workers at the White House and they had found some salacious information on Hope Hick’s computer.

“According to the IT guys, she tried to hide her browsing history by using the incognito function. But they dug into her computer and still found some pretty racy stuff,” said Orange Throat. “She was checking out sites like and Blacks on Blondes. “Apparently, she wasn’t happy with some of her past lovers.”

Hicks resigned from her position as White House communications director a few weeks ago. She previously dated Corey Lewandowski, former manager of the Trump campaign, and Rob Porter, White House, staff secretary. Lewandowski was married at the time.

Porter was eventually fired from the White House when it was revealed that he physically abused both of his ex wives. But President Donald Trump still defended him.

“We certainly wish him well. It’s obviously a very tough time for him. He did a very good job while he was in the White House,” said Trump after Porter resigned.

Trump once said Hicks was “the best piece of ass” Lewandowski ever had. According to People magazine, Lewandowski has faced charges of physical assault and sexual harassment in the past. He was also arrested for bringing a gun to Capitol Hill, according to GQ.

People said Hicks’ relationship with Lewandowski was volatile.

“The two were spotted having a screaming match on the street in New York City, Page Six reported,” said People.

Hicks, a former model who did PR for Ivanka Trump’s fashion line, was also rumored to have had an affair with the president.

“She got around quite a bit,” said Orange Throat. “The scuttlebutt in the White House was she’s seen more dicks than a San Francisco glory hole.”

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