Porn star finally sues Trump over alleged affair and ‘hush’ agreement

A new lawsuit filed by the porn star known as Stormy Daniels claims President Donald Trump never signed a hush agreement regarding an alleged sexual encounter between the two and…

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Nigerian Senator says If we can’t maintain aircraft, let’s use witchcraft to fly

Sam Anyanwu, senator representing Imo east, says if aircraft cannot be properly maintained, witchcraft should be used as a means to fly. Anyanwu said this on Tuesday while contributing to…

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Retired Officer Blames Gov’t For His Criminal Acts

A retired military officer, Ali Audu, Tuesday revealed that he used military uniform for impersonation because the Military failed to pay his pension and gratuity after retirement. Audu was paraded…

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#SorryAfrica Tillerson heads to continent to mend damage done by Trump’s “shithole comment”

As far as Africa’s concerned, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and the Trump administration have some explaining to do. President Donald Trump’s description of “shithole countries” in January was greeted…

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