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The extraordinary moment a writer runs INTO his burning home to try and save his laptop which had two of his novels on it

(Last Updated On: September 16, 2016)

A novelist was so worried about losing his life’s work that he dashed past stunned firefighters into his burning home to retrieve a laptop.

Gideon Hodge, who describes himself as a playwright, novelist and actor, ran into the building as it was ablaze – ignoring firefighters who were yelling at him to stop.

It took 67 officers more than two hours to bring the huge fire in New Orleans under control.

Writer and actor Gideon Hodge speaks to fire officers after his dangerous dash into his burning home in order to save his laptop

After the dangerous rescue, Hodge told The New Orleans Advocate: ‘Anybody that’s ever created art, there’s no replacing that. It’s got pretty much my life’s work.’

And the 35-year-old, who found the laptop intact, continued: ‘Despite my better sense, I just ran inside and grabbed it. I didn’t think to be scared.’

He had been working when his fiance told him about the fire, and he rushed back.

A huge column of black smoke was visible for miles.

It is thought the fire started in a vacant neighboring home.

The street was heavily hit by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Derrick Todd, 62, said he had lost most of his possessions in the natural disaster, and said he thought it had happened again.

He stated: ‘I’m just hoping I don’t get an earthquake, too. Then we’re done.’



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