Man unable to have sex as his penis is the size of a baby

(Last Updated On: September 4, 2016)

WARNING: Graphic images

A young man is unable to have sex because his penis is ten times the average size.

Sorence Owiti Opiyo, aged 20, has a rare disease which has caused his member to become so engorged it is larger than a baby.

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He had to leave school because other students victimised him about the condition, and he fears he will never be able to get married or have children.

Mr Opiyo, from Kisumu County in Kenya, was raised by his grandmother from the age of five after his parents both died.

Speaking to Buzz Kenya about how the illness has blighted his life, he said it is painful and he hopes to be able to have surgery to correct it.

This man can't have sex because his penis is 'bigger than a baby' Credit: Buzz Kenya
His penis is larger than a baby (Picture: Buzz Kenya)
This man can't have sex because his penis is 'bigger than a baby' Credit: Buzz Kenya
He is unable to wear trousers (Picture: Buzz Kenya)

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He noticed his something was different when what looked like a boil appeared on his genital area. At first he thought it would go back to normal, but his penis  continued to swell until it resembled a large growth or tumour.

The problem is now so extreme that it stops him being able to wear shorts or trousers, he said.

But despite everything, he hopes to live a normal life with medical treatment to give him a more average manhood.



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